A Closer Look At Series 5

The fifth series of Doctor Who is still a few months away, but we already have plenty of info to digest. We’ve pieced together what we know using the teaser trailer and everything else.

Air date

April 3rd 2010 confirmed


Steven Moffat (6 episodes)
Mark Gatiss (1 episode)
Toby Whithouse (1 episode)
Gareth Roberts (1 episode)
Chris Chibnall (2 episodes)
Richard Curtis (1 episode)
Simon Nye (1 episode)


Matt Smith as The Doctor

“What have you got for me this time?”

Karen Gillan as companion Amy Pond

PC Pond?

Recurring Characters

Arthur Darvill as Rory.

Rory joins the Doctor and Amy for a few adventures

Returning Characters

Alex Kingston as River Song

“Hello, sweetie”

Guest Stars

Helen McCrory
Sophie Okonedo
Ian McNeice
Terrence Hardiman
Tony Curran as Vincent Van Gogh
Annette Crosbie
Meera Syal
Bill Paterson
Caitlin Blackwood


The Daleks

The Daleks are back again. This one has a new eye-stalk
The Doctor is not pleased to see his arch enemy!

Weeping Angels

Don’t blink, it’s the Time of Angels


The Vampires of Venice


The new Silurians?

Other info

The Doctor regenerates the TARDIS both inside and out…

The shiny new blue box

The Doctor will also get a new Sonic screwdriver as the old one blows up…

Sonic boom!


01. The Eleventh Hour written by Steven Moffat.
The TARDIS crash lands on earth in a small village called Leadworth, where the newly regenerated Doctor meets Amy Pond and deals with a monster with face tendrils.

02. The Beast Below written by Steven Moffat.
Features monks and guest stars Terrence Hardiman.

03. Victory of the Daleks written by Mark Gatiss
Set during WW2 and features subservient Daleks and Winston Churchill.

04/05. Time of Angels/Flesh & Stone written by Steven Moffat
The Weeping Angels are back and so is River Song.  A two-part story.

06. Vampires in Venice written by Toby Whithouse.
Vampires in Venice filmed in Crotia.

07. Untitled
written by Simon Nye
Plot details unknown.

08/09. The Ground Beneath Their Feet/Cold Blood written Chris Chibnall
A two-part story featuring reptilian creatures rumoured to be old enemies, the Silurians.

10. Vincent & The Doctor written by Richard Curtis
Historical episode with the Doctor meeting Van Gogh… and a yellow monster.

11. Untitled written by Gareth Roberts
Plot details unknown.

12/13. Untitled written by Steven Moffat.
The big finale. No details known on this years ‘big bad’, but Moffat has said “…don’t assume that we’ve faced the biggest threat yet.”

Titles subject to change.