Series 5 Finale Spoilers

The official Doctor Who site has confirmed that episode 13 will be called The Big Bang, once again another long-rumoured title. Even more exciting though, we have some potentially huge spoilers for these final episodes.

Read them below at your own risk!

Back in February it was reported that the finale would feature a whole host of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies. Well, it looks like fans won’t be disappointed.

The embargoed publicity photos for the episodes confirm the monster line-up as (deep breath); the new Daleks (red, white, and yellow flavours);  Cybus Cybermen with Cyberleader; Sycorax; Silurians; Judoon; Black-robed pilot fish; the Hoix; Torchwood’s Weevils and Blowfish; and an Uvodni from The Sarah Jane Adventures. Not pictured but also apparently appearing are the Sontarans and Autons.

One of the scenes involves the Doctor being dragged and strapped down while various monsters and Roman Soldiers have him in their sights (you can see them surrounding the Doctor in the pic below).

Characters in the finale are Rory, River Song and young Amelia will also play a big part. Amy will find herself in mortal peril. Another pic shot shows Rory in Roman armour holding Amy screaming.