Moffat’s Series 7 Hints

Steven Moffat gives an update on the production status of all the Series 7 episodes in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine. A few interesting little hints are shared.

1. Asylum of the Daleks – Shot, picture-locked. Music and SFX being added. Moffat teases: “I’ve just seen the new… never mind.”

2. Dinosaurs in Space – Shot, picture-locked. Moffat says you will gasp at the special effects.

3. A Town Called Mercy – Shot, picture-locked. About to be time dubbed.

4. Shot (bar a few pick-up scenes), still to be edited. Moffat describes it as “Unusual” and it contains, “One of the best and most touching scenes ever we’ve shot.”

5. Shot, picture-locked. Murray Gold may “kill you”.

Christmas Special – Moffat’s handed in the 5th draft of the script and semi-jokes they’ll be 20 more. Saul Metzstein will be directing this one as well.

6. To be written by Moffat. He’s finished 22 pages of it, so far.

7. 10 pages complete, from another writer.

8. Shot and being cut. Presumably, Mark Gatiss’ first script of the series. Moffat says the sets are amazing and teases: “Prepare to shiver in terror and gasp along the lines of ‘Oh my goodness, is that a…?'”

9. Shot and nearly picture locked. From a new writer. Presumably it’s Neil Cross‘ episode and it has been shuffled.

10. Mark Gatiss’ second episode of the series. Moffat says it’s “Insane.” Directed by Saul Metzstein.

11. No details other than, “Fourth draft.”

12. Two-thirds complete on a writer’s computer in a “distant land”.

13. Finale – Moffat appears to be writing the big one (surprise), but hasn’t got very far yet.