Nightmare in Silver: New Cybermen Details

series-7-part-2-spring-2013-trailer-(18)Nicholas Briggs has revealed some details on what we can expect from the redesigned Cybermen in Series 7.

Briggs, who is voicing the Cybermen in upcoming episode Nightmare in Silver, gave away some titbits at the recent Lords of Time Convention:

  • Briggs said the new Cybermen are not from an alternative universe
  • These Cybermen are a departure from the Cybermen from the previous episodes
  • The new Cybermen don’t speak as much. The brief was the “new voices must be scary”
  • Briggs recorded voices in the style of the original Tenth Planet Cybermen through a vocoder – and also in the style of The Tomb of the Cybermen. He doesn’t know what will end up being used

See the full panel in the video below. At the start Briggs also talks about the reason behind changing the voice of the Ice Warriors.

[Thanks to Darren]