Series 6 Titles and UK Date

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has some new info on Series 6. Here’s some highlights.

  • The magazine says the series will start on the Easter weekend (23rd April), as was rumoured.
  • The working title for episode 1 was The Year of the Moon, but Steven Moffat was the only one who liked it, so it’s being changed.
  • A working title for episode 2 was Look Behind You, but that’s also changing.
  • Episode 7 will not be called Demons Run anymore, instead either A Good Man Goes to War or His Darkest Hour.
  • Episode 11 is called The God Complex. It’s written by Toby Whithouse and is set in a nightmarish hotel.
  • Tom MacRae is the final writer confirmed for the series and he is penning episode 10. He previously wrote Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel from Series 2.

Doctor Who Magazine issue 432 is officially out tomorrow.