Series 7 filming: Welcome to Sweetville

Pic: Ryan Farrell ‏

After several weeks of studio filming (aside from a couple of days spent on more “Cubed” reshoots), the Doctor Who production team have been back out in the open shooting Series 7 today.

This post may contain mild spoilers.

According to the clapperboard they are shooting episode 9 written by Mark Gatiss (rumoured title, The Crimson Horror). The episode appears to be set (or at least part-set) in a strange 19th century village.

Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Diana Rigg were all on set.

It looks as though the Doctor will be adding yet another costume to his wardrobe! He was snapped in this little number wearing a bowler hat.

Pic: Ryan Farrell ‏

Jenna-Louise, meanwhile, was in period costume this time.

Pic: Ryan Farrell ‏

Below Matt Smith and Diana Rigg. She will be playing a character called Mrs Gillyflower (referred to as “the ice lady”).

Pic: Ryan Farrell ‏

A line of overheard dialogue: “There is something very odd about that factory – nobody who goes in seems to come back out. And there’s never any smoke.”

Clara is kidnapped by Mrs Gillyflower, who takes people to her factory and does some sort of “process” to them.

Brendan Patricks is also guest starring. He is playing Edmund and Jeremiah (presumably twins). Below he is in scene with Matt and Jenna.

Catrin Stewart was also spotted reprising her role as Jenny (From A Good Man Goes To War). No sign of her partner Madame Vastra but it would seem unusual if she didn’t turn up at some point now, as was rumoured.

Jenny tells the Doctor that she saw Clara die, but the Doctor says it isn’t as simple as that, and that the process can reversed.

[Thanks to Ryan Farrell]