Top 10 Doctor Who Companions

Doctor Who TV guest writer John Smith (!) counts down his top ten companions since Doctor Who returned  in 2005.

10. Mickey Smith

It’s Mickey, wimpy-cowering-whist-hugging-Rose’s-legs-Mickey. Wait, now it’s brave, alien fighting Mickey. I liked the original character, but Russell T Davies changed him a bit too much for my liking. I rate him for his intelligence. Let’s face it, it’s really the main attribute of a good companion in modern Who, so you’ve got to be a little bit brainy. He stood out in Rise of the Cybermen & Age of Steel, but he was mostly a background companion in his earlier appearances. He’d be the one asking all the questions that would be answered by the Doctor or Rose. Likeable in both versions of himself, certainly, but not really integral to the main stories. A good solid companion.

9. Martha Jones

When I first watched Series 3, I went as far to say she was my favourite companion, but there were problems with her that I noticed on second viewing. The good things about her character; she was feisty; she wasn’t afraid to tell the Doctor she disagreed with him; and she was very clever. Most of her time as companion, however, was spent lusting after the Doctor. It was embarrassing to watch this supposedly, strong-minded young woman fall so helplessly in love with him. On occasion her acting ability also let her down. It’s a real shame because she started so well in Smith and Jones, but unfortunately she is my lowest rated of the main series companions.

8. Rose Tyler

Yes it’s Miss Tyler only at number 8, but before you jump down my throat, let me explain. Had Russell T Davies left her character alone, she would have been much higher on the list. I loved her in Series 1 and 2 and was sad to see her go. We went through the motions of losing our first main companion of new Doctor Who and it should have ended there. But no, Russell T Davies had to bring her back for an encore and it just didn’t work for me. Let’s start with why she was so good. She was clever; she wasn’t just a companion who asked questions; she could figure the answers out for herself; and was extremely brave. The chemistry with her and Chris Eccleston was fantastic and it was also very good with David Tennant. The scene where they said goodbye to each other was brilliantly written and a great send off. So it made me feel cheated that they then went and brought her back. Not only that, but we had a carbon copy of the Doomsday ending. It de-valued her character, especially when she came back still pining after him.

7. Wilfred Mott

Wasn’t Donna’s Granddad brilliant? I sure loved him. For an old man, he sure had a lot of energy. His character was brilliantly written and he was superbly acted by Bernard Cribbins. He was funny, brave and when those eyes welled up, didn’t you just want to put your arm round him. There’s not really much more to say except, Wilf, you would have been higher, but four knocks…how could you?

6. Donna Noble

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely loved Donna Noble. She wasn’t the book smart companion; she was street smart and gave the Doctor a challenge or two! She was also the funniest companion and the chemistry with her and David Tennant was out of this world. She was the companion in what was in my opinion Russell T Davies’ weakest series, but she absolutely lit it up. Tate and Tennant – brilliant.

5. & 4. Amy Pond & Rory Williams

I don’t think you can rate these two apart from each other as they’re both wonderful characters. You have the sexy, sassy Amy Pond who grew up with a time crack in her wall, met the newly regenerated Doctor when she was a kid and, again, 12 years later. Then you have the clever, secretly brave and slightly under the thumb Rory Williams. What makes these two so special is that they’re not just the regular companions who met the Doctor and then tagged along for the ride, they have been integral to major plot developments. I’m also completely in favour of having a couple on board, rather than just the one, as it makes for a more interesting dynamic.

3. Sarah Jane Smith

The best of the classic companions, without a shadow of a doubt, and, for me, better than most of the recent ones. If you had only watched new Doctor Who, even before School Reunion, chances are she’s the only past companion you would have ever heard of. Elisabeth Sladen was easily the best actress to play the companion in the classics and although the episode she first returned in wasn’t one of the best, her character actually made it one that I watch repeatedly. She returned again in Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, and of all the ‘Children of Time’, she was only one of two that I was happy to see again. Sarah Jane is one of the few companions that possesses all of the qualities a companion needs and, as far as I know, there isn’t a Whovian that doesn’t love her. It was truly fitting that the Tenth Doctor got to say his goodbye to her in the End of Time. She deserved her own show in The Sarah Jane Adventures, so the fans of today can never forget her. Elisabeth Sladen, gone, but never forgotten.

2. & 1. River Song & Captain Jack Harkness

Credit: Stefán Birgir Stefáns

I can’t decide! There are a few who will think I’m mad for putting River Song and Captain Jack so high, but for me, they are simply the best. Let’s start with Jack. He flirts with anyone and everyone, including the Doctor. He’s immortal, funny, extremely clever and just about everything else you could want from a companion. Then there’s the enigmatic River. Again, she’s a flirt, incredibly sexy, brilliantly clever and extremely funny. They are both, for me, the epitome of what Doctor Who companions should be.

Well, that concludes my article and I hope you liked it.  If you disagree, feel free to comment why and I will reply. I have a Disqus account, so I will gladly answer any questions about my article. As a last note, I love all the companions af Doctor Who, but just rate some higher than others.